TOPIC: God, His Covenant and Man
SUBTOPIC: Leadership Role 
TEXT: 1 Sam 7: 1-17; 8:1-9; 15:1-9, 10-34

i. To enlighten us about the role of a leader in keeping Covenant with God
ii. To enlighten us about consequences of leadership error as pertain to God’s covenant for the Church in our contemporary time


A leadership role is a position that requires one to manage people, situations, and items effectively and justly. Although a leadership role can be both formal and informal, every aspect and type of leadership within an organization function to shape and guide the organization. Leaders are individuals who can influence others using their abilities, affluence, and title to bring about an organizational progress and goals. 

In the Old Testament, the manifestation of God’s covenant somehow depends upon the obedience of the people (both the led, and the leaders). For example, God made a covenant with Israelites that as long as they keep no idols or serve any strange gods, He would continue to win them their battles. But the inability to keep this in order to key into this covenant depends on their obedience (the led, and the leaders; 1Sam 8:19; Ex 32:1-4) or both 

Eli and Samuel were typical examples to show how a leader’s faithfulness can influence the manifestation of God’s covenant. In the case of Eli, his negligence which resulted to his son’ misbehavior in conjunction with people’ waywardness led to departure of glory (victory) from Israel. But Samuel used his position as a leader to bring about the restoration of the lost glory via his relationship and obedience to God by turning people’s heart back to God (1Sam 7:3-5) which later brought about the manifestation of same covenant where their enemies were stroke by thunder (1Sam 7:7-17). Saul disobeyed God (1Sam15-9) which resulted to the destruction of himself, his son and his followers.  


  1. Explain (one after the other) how the following leaders/characters in the bible influence the manifestation of God’s covenant
    1. Saul
    1. Samuel
    1. Eli
    1. David
    1. Solomon   
  2. Discus the consequences of leadership error as pertain to God’s covenant for the Church in this time, generally.


In the New testament, (unlike the old testament) the fulfillment of God’s covenant for mankind is no more solely saddled on the shoulder of a mortal man’s but in the obedience embedder in the Immortal One (Christ Jesus) still, everyone being called by the name of the God need to key in to same obedience of HIM for the manifestation of God’s covenant upon the Church as a family  Therefore, overseers, pastors and other leadership in church should be very careful of error of the podium (Acts 20:28)          

Acts 20:28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.


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