TOPIC: God, His Covenant and Man 
SUBTOPIC: The Anointed 
TEXT: 1 Sam 16:1-14; 17:20&34; 


God’s covenant is sure. He is a faithful God that keeps covenant to many generations. When a man failed, God would anoint another man who is ready to take up commitments for the fulfilment of His covenant. When Saul disobeyed, Samuel was troubled and felt concerned about how God’s covenant for His people would be fulfilled but God told him to stop mourning and arise to anoint another man he had prepared.

Think about it, there may be a particular covenant God has made with your family line, and that someone has failed doesn’t mean it is over. Though, the covenant may be waited, but God is still looking for a David of your family who is ready to take up commitments for the continuity and manifestation of His Covenant. That the son of Kish, a tribe of Benjamin (Saul) has failed does not mean that son of Jesse, a tribe of Judah (David) would not manifest (1Sam 161-14). You can also become an anointed.

An anointed needs to understand the qualities and measures it takes to become one. It is not defined by the wish or will of a man (as seen in case of Jacob and Esau, as Esau was preferred to Jacob by Isaac) neither by the stature nor by the colour (as Samuel focused on continence; 1Samuel 16: 4-7). But should be someone;

  • who God knows, and also knows God as well: David did not come to know God by been anointed by Samuel but he had known Him before he was chosen. Before God would anoint anyone for the manifestation of his covenant, he should first have a personal relationship with Him. 
  • whose faithfulness and accountability has been tested (1Sam 17:20&34).
  • whose courage is in God alone (1Sam17:45)
  • who does not work only for publicity/reward. (1Sam 18:18-30)


What are the qualities of an anointed according to 1Sam 16:4-7
Why do you think it pays to be recognized by God than to be renown by men?
Support your answer with 1Sam 16:11, and 1Sam:17:57


God’s covenant is undisputable than what a mortal can stop. Though it may be delayed for a time if men failed.  But behold, God is looking forward for a David. It has never been late; you can be an anointed            

1Sa:16:13: Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the Spirit of the LORD came upon David from that day forward.  So Samuel rose up, and went to Ramah.


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