You will agree with me that, when a woman is pregnant and the pregnancy gets to a stage, the foetus in her womb is expected to be giving some kicking. The kicking of that baby in the womb is a sign that such baby is still alive, agile and active.

      A pregnant woman will get worried when she can no longer feel the kicking of the baby in her womb for a long period of time. Many women will go to the hospital to check what could be responsible for the baby not moving or kicking again.

      The worse news a pregnant woman would not want to hear is for the doctor to announce to her that the baby in her womb is not longer kicking or moving because the baby has died inside her…Next Page

     …Friends, do you know we are all “pregnant”. I am not just talking of biological pregnancy now. As long as you have destiny, visions, aspirations , & goals that you have in your heart, that’s a ‘pregnancy’!

    I am aware that, it is not the same day a woman conceives that she will deliver the baby. As long as the baby is still kicking, we know she has assurance of delivery at the 9th month, but once the baby stops movement and kicking, then, there is a big problem!

      I know the delivery of the visions in your heart might be for an appointed time, but my question is, hope this “baby” (Divine vision for your life, ministry, family, career, etc) is still kicking your heart? Hope the vision has not stopped kicking in your heart? I hope the plans you wrote down to achieve before the end of this year are still pulling the string in your heart?

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    Even if it is not yet time for the physical delivery of this “baby” you are carrying in the womb of your heart. Even if resources are not yet available enough to push out this “baby” but my plead with you is that, make sure the ‘baby’ is still kicking in you!

   Ensure you keep this baby of your vision and dreams alive. Surely, when your “nine month” is here, you shall deliver “this baby’s safely and we shall all congratulate you in Jesus name.

Are you blessed reading this?

© Written by:
Morolake Olayande

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