Topic: God, Covenant and Man
Subtopic: Keeping Family Covenant
Text: 1 Sam 2:29, 3:1-21; 4:1-22

Study Introduction
Covenant can be defined as a formal agreement between two or more parties where they agree to do or not to do something. In a covenant, both parties have clear obligations and responsibilities. In this sense, a covenant has legal validity. When focusing on the Bible, specifically, in the light of a religious covenant, it consists of various obligations between the two parties involved (God and Man). It also explains the rewards and the punishments that the individual is to expect if `he breaks and keeps the covenant.

In the religious setting, one can observe many examples for covenants. Some of these are The Noahic covenant (Genesis 9:1-17), Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 12:17), Mosaic covenant (Ex 19:5-6) Priestly Covenant (Num 25:13), and Davidic covenant (2Sam 7)

You have a covenant relationship with God that will cause you and your seeds/children to flourish and also receive all the blessings that go with the covenant (Ps. 112:1-3). When God make a covenant with a man, He may made it for his sake but the covenant does not stop or meant for him alone but also for his generations (Gen.17:7). Because you are in covenant relationship with God, you have the right to claim God’s promises for your children. But God covenant only abides as long as you and your seeds keep in line on your part or obligation to do.`

In the case of Eli, he honored his sons above God (1 Sam 2:29. Eli honoured his son than God doesn’t mean that he did not fear God or failed in his rites and daily activities at the temple but means he chose to stick to activity as a priest than taking responsibilities as a parent. This ought to cause all parents, especially fathers, to action

The result of Eli’s carelessness as a father was that God cut off his house (disqualified his generations from being the partaker of priestly covenant) and also causes glory (victory) to departed from Israel through the Ark of God that was taken away by the Philistines. God would take from every unfaithful parent the privilege of having his covenant continued in their generations (1 Sam 4:19-22). Yet God’s covenant would not fail. God would preserve His people and raise up a faithful priest who would to do according to His will (1Sam3:35)

1. Discus what is meant by parental negligence according to the following bible passage (Proverbs 22:6; Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 22:15)
2. Discus the contemporary consequences of parental negligence 
3. What are the consequences of parental negligence on Church of God as a family (1 Sam2: 13-25)

Should we fail to rear our children in the truth of God’s Word, then having reasons and expectations to God’s blessing on our generations? God forbid! We have every reason to teach God’s fear and judgment to our generations. Eli failed in his responsibilities as a father. He esteemed his sons above God. He did not want to offend his sons. The result was that he committed a far greater offense.  He offended the living God and suffered the consequences of his negligence as his house was cut off from the priesthood.

1 Sam 2:30:
Wherefore the LORD God of Israel saith, I said indeed that thy house, and the house of thy father, should walk before me forever: but now the LORD saith, Be it far from me; for them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed


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